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Returning to Work After Absence Due to a Medical Condition - 4/18/2009

Returning to Work After Absence Due to a Medical Condition


September 27, 2007


Occasionally, we get questions about the usual return-to-work fitness-for-duty process for an employees who have been absent on medical leave for non-work related illnesses or injuries. This message is designed to help clarify how the process usually works.

  • If an employee has been granted MLOA from his/her Division, the MLOA notification letter contains instructions regarding the return-to-work process. This letter also contains a MEDICAL STATUS FORM to be used once the treating physician recommends that the employee can return to work with or without restrictions.

  • The physician is to complete the MEDICAL STATUS FORM and fax it to the BNSF Medical Department (to the fax number noted on the form).

  • The BNSF Medical Department then reviews the medical information provided on the MEDICAL STATUS FORM.

  • Depending on information received, the Medical Department may request additional medical documentation. The treating physician and the employee are contacted regarding this requirement.

  • Once the request has been made of the employee's physician, it is then the employee's responsibility to ensure the physician provides the information to BNSF Medical Department.

  • if the requested information supports fitness-for-duty with or without restrictions, the BNSF Medical Department coordinates a return to work plan with the employee and his/her supervisior. If the information does not support fitness-for-duty, the BNSF Medical Department continues to work with the employee regarding benefits retention and furthere medical services which may allow eventual return to work.

    This is how the process usually works. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call BNSF Medical Department Manager, Clinical Services, at 817-352-1628 or the Labor Relations Team.


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