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Participation In Safety and Pride Committee - 8/21/2015

Everyone Please take a minute to review the attached letter from Local Chairman Frank Gutierrez on UTU members participating in Safety and Pride.  This is a great letter on the stance the General Chairman is taking for the members of Local 1168 and General Committee 009, on why we have to have the solidarity of all the members in order to force the Carrier to the bargaining table to adopt an agreement for all the membership, one that is fair, impartial and good for everyone involved.

Just click on the attached letter to enlarge to read what is being asked of the membership to accomplish what needs to be done to make the Carrier set down with the Union to adopt a fair and impartial Agreement on Safety.  Also please attend the next local Union meeting to discuss the matter.

Your Medical Rights - How to Use and Protect Them - 3/3/2015

The Attached is a Great Article sent by Hunegs, LeNeave & Kvas, Designated Legal Council, on how to use and protect your medical rights.

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National Mediation Board Grievance Arbitration Gets Makeover - 2/26/2015

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New Officers - 11/27/2014

Congratulations to the Newly Elected Officers.  The New Officers will take assuem their positions at the beginning of the New Year, with the exception of Frank Gutierrez who was eleceted as the New Local Chairman for the Conductors, and he took Art's Position as Local Chairman effective immediately, and Jeremy Kline will assume the vacated position of Vice President immediately.  There will be a run off for the yard Local Chairman since it came out as a tie.  So the individuals who were working in the yard and on the Switchman's extra board will be receiving another ballot to vote for the Yard Local Chairman.  The Choices will be between Danny Damron and Rick Lekovich.  The other officers who were nominated are as follows:

Jeff Christensen  President

Jeremy Kline       Vice-President

Frank Gutierrez   Conductor Local Chairman

Mike Coffman     Vice Local Chairman

Danny Damron    UTU-E Local Chairman

John Book          Vice UTU-E Local Chairman

Charlie Johnson  Sec/Tres for UTU-E Committee

Jacob Eilenstine   Vice Yard Local Chairman


The run off for Yard Local Chairman will be determined on December 09, 2014 at the meeting.

TY&E Mobility Overview-FAQ - 12/13/2013

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We are the United Transportation Union (UTU) Local 1168, a division of SMART, headquartered in Clovis, NM. We are a broad-based, transportation labor union representing 200 + active members.  We are under the General Committee of Adjustment GO-009 of the United Transportation Union (UTU, Division of SMART) which represents Conductors, Brakemen and Yardmen from the former Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe Railway Company (ATSF), now the Burlington Northern & Santa Fe Railway Company (BNSF), and also General Committee of Adjustment GO-020 that represents, Firemen and UTU Engineers and the Locomotive Engineer Training Program (LETP), which is also from the former Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe Railway Company (ATSF), now the Burlington Northern & Santa Fe Railway Company (BNSF).


LOCAL 1168

Regular Meetings are at the Elks Lodge, 218 North Sycamore, the Second and Fourth Tuesdays of each month, at 9 am:



This week there will be 4 turns added to Clovis board 21 leaving total of 84 turns, effective at 0700, on 08-26-15.

Current Mileage Totals From 08/23/15 to 08/17/15 are 3800 to 4835 with Current Average of 4871.2 Miles With a Suggested add of 1 turns, the Mileage Totals From 08/14/15 to 08/23/15 are 3800 to 4835 with Current Average of 5063.1 Miles With a Suggested add of 4 turns.  

Remember you are what makes up the Union and it is only as strong as you make it!



Stay In touch with YOUR Officers

All Local 1168 Sisters & Brothers: If you have recently changed your Mailing Address, Email Address, or Phone Number please let the Secretary/Treasurer know as soon as possible. This is necessary to keep our records up to date with the National Division and we will also be able to pass information along from the Division to all of it's members.
Those members who have questions about, or wish to contribute to Local 1168 but cannot attend the monthly meetings you can email any of the Local Officers.


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Questions or Concerns about unsafe work conditions or work practices;

Contact the UTU Rail Safety Task Force and express your safety issues and concerns with one of the Task Force Members to help resolve the problem and bring it to the attention of others. Get onboard with Safety in the Work Place and benefit not only yourself but others also!!



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