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New Officers - 11/27/2014

Congratulations to the Newly Elected Officers.  The New Officers will take assuem their positions at the beginning of the New Year, with the exception of Frank Gutierrez who was eleceted as the New Local Chairman for the Conductors, and he took Art's Position as Local Chairman effective immediately, and Jeremy Kline will assume the vacated position of Vice President immediately.  There will be a run off for the yard Local Chairman since it came out as a tie.  So the individuals who were working in the yard and on the Switchman's extra board will be receiving another ballot to vote for the Yard Local Chairman.  The Choices will be between Danny Damron and Rick Lekovich.  The other officers who were nominated are as follows:

Jeff Christensen  President

Jeremy Kline       Vice-President

Frank Gutierrez   Conductor Local Chairman

Mike Coffman     Vice Local Chairman

Danny Damron    UTU-E Local Chairman

John Book          Vice UTU-E Local Chairman

Charlie Johnson  Sec/Tres for UTU-E Committee

Jacob Eilenstine   Vice Yard Local Chairman


The run off for Yard Local Chairman will be determined on December 09, 2014 at the meeting.

TY&E Mobility Overview-FAQ - 12/13/2013

Click on the Red X in the box to review the TY&E Mobility Overview Frequently Asked Questions.

TY&E Mobility Overview-Power Point Presentation - 12/13/2013

Click on the Red X in the box to review the TY&E Mobility Overview Frequently Asked Questions.

The TY&E Mobility Overview is a power point presentation that is coming out on December 18, 2013, and is an App that you can access over your smart phone. 


New Rule Book Section - 4/2/2013

Check out the new section under Links.  Click on Dropbox.com and down load the dropbox and all the Rule Books should be downloaded to your tablet or smart phone or computer desktop.  Thanks to Dustin Borden who has volunteered to keep the Rule Books, The Time Tables, General Notices and General Orders up to date for all to download.  Thanks Dustin!!  


Code MS for Clovis to El Paso Expedited Agreement - 2/15/2013

Check out the Downloads tab and look under the Wording for Claims.  How to claim the Code MS for the new Clovis to El Paso Expedited Agreement is listed there.  The time you pass MP 934.4 on the way down, either on the train or in a taxi going to get a train, must be documented on the claim.  The MP of where you took the train to, or where you got the train, (turnaround point) and then the time you came back by MP 934.4, either on your way to the BOC to tie up or departing the El Paso sub on a train, must be stated on your claim in order to be paid correctly for the Code MS.



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We are the United Transportation Union (UTU) Local 1168, headquartered in Clovis, NM. We are a broad-based, transportation labor union representing 200 + active members.  We are under the General Committee of Adjustment GO-009 of the United Transportation Union (UTU) which represents Conductors, Brakemen and Yardmen from the former Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe Railway Company (ATSF), now the Burlington Northern & Santa Fe Railway Company (BNSF).

LOCAL 1168

Regular Meetings are at the Elks Lodge, 218 North Sycamore, the Second and Fourth Tuesdays of each month, at 9 am:



This week there will be 2 turns added to Clovis board 21 bringing total to 100 turns, effective at 0700, on 01-28-14.


As you know there were many changes made to your medical insurance in recent months.  There is now a co-pay, co-insurance payment and annual deductible for the GA 23000 plan.  Some changes were made by the recent Health Care Act which was recently upheld by the Supreme Court. 


I have prepared an updated outline/summary of the benefits (attached) provided by the NRC/UTU- GA 23000 plans; GA 46000 (retiree plan); plans GA 23111 A B C; Medicare; the BLET disability plan; the Anthem Disability plan; Off Track Vehicle coverage; and the life insurance that is provided.  This contains all of the changes and the current costs of the supplemental plans and COBRA. 


You may click on the PDF attachment or click on the following link to view and/or download the summary:



Your union has done an outstanding job to negotiate these wonderful health and welfare benefits.  These health and welfare benefits are truly the Cadillac plans in America and the cost to the member is still much lower than any other plans of this type.  Take a look at this summary to see just how good they are!


I trust you find the summary both beneficial and helpful.






Steve Young

1300 Post Oak Blvd. Ste 1750

Houston, Texas 77056

713 333 3070 office

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713 253 9600 Cell



  For Insurance Needs Check Out the Link Under UTU Insurance or Click on The Follow Link:


Charlie Skidmore Field Representative

and He Can Get You Fixed Up With What Ever Insurance Needs You May Have.

Life Insurance

Income Replacement

Other Health





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Those members who have questions about, or wish to contribute to Local 1168 but cannot attend the monthly meetings you can email any of the Local Officers.


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